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The 4WD Glovebox Guide

The 4WD Glovebox Guide is a field reference for offroaders.

4WDG-Cover-2ndEdThe Guide is now into its second edition as of July 2016, and covers:

  • driving techniques for all sorts of terrain
  • trip planning
  • navigation
  • the basics of how 4WDs work

This book covers the essentials of offroad driving, designed to be used when you’re out on trips. It complements but does not replace training courses and more detailed reference books. Several driver training organisations use it as a standard reference and student handout, a purpose for which it has been specifically designed.

More detailed information, including full explanations, advanced techniques and an accessories guide can be found in the 4WD Handbook, a companion volume to this book.

“In relation to feedback about the Glovebox Guide [suggestion for improvement]. I have none. It is brilliant. And that is also the feedback that I get from anyone that I give a copy to.” – Kris Bullen

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National competency mapping

The information in this book has been selected to cover elements of Australia’s National Competencies for offroad driving. National competencies are official Australian standards for training, delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). The information in this book covers the elements of Australia’s National Competencies for offroad driving listed below:

Code Title
SISODRV302A Drive and recover a 4WD vehicle
FPICOT3259 Operate a four wheel drive on unsealed roads
RIIVEH305A Operate and maintain a 4X4 vehicle (resources)
FPICOT2234B Operate a 4X4 vehicle (forestry)
TLIC2025 Operate a 4X4 vehicle (transport)
PMASUP236B Operate vehicles in the field (chemicals)
SISODRV404A Drive a 4WD vehicle in difficult terrain
SISODRV405A Coordinate recovery of 4WD vehicles
SISODRV201A Drive AWD/4WD vehicles on unsealed roads
SITTTOP003B Operate and maintain a 4WD tour vehicle

Note: Merely reading this book alone does not qualify you for a competency. You must still take an approved training course and be assessed as competent by a qualifier assessor. This book can help by providing a checklist of elements you must understand or know before your assessment. Competencies change, so you must check that your study covers all the required topics.