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4WD Treks Close to Melbourne

4WD-CTM-Cover4WD Treks Close to Melbourne (4WDCTM) is a collection of twenty 4WD treks that all start within a couple of hours drive of Melbourne’s CBD.

The book includes:

  • turn-by-turn route notes with coordinates in UTM and lat/long for use with GPS receivers or topo maps
  • maps of each route
  • descriptions of things to do and see along the way
  • photographs of each trek
  • an introductory section explaining some of the things to consider when offroading around Melbourne.

Some of the treks are scenic dirt roads navigable by softroaders, and some of the more difficult ones will require low range and properly equipped and prepared vehicle crews.

Please note that the nature of offroad tracks is to constantly change, so always be independently confident of your own navigation and prepared to execute vehicle recovery.

Updates to the book will be posted on the Updates Page.

Sample pages:




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Not from Melbourne?

4WD Close to Melbourne is one of a series of Boiling Billy treks.  Find out more at the Boiling Billy website.

The 4WD Treks Close to Brisbane book has its own website, www.qld4wd.com